Ed Schultz

"Straight from the Heartland"

Monday - Friday 11AM-2PM

How about 30 years in the media? How's that for a story? Ed Schultz started his radio career back in the 1970's. His play-by-play and color commentary roots have parlayed well into a spirited style of political talk. The launch of Ed's "News and Views" in 1992 put him squarely into the political talk arena where, for 15 years now, he speaks straight from the heart about all of the leading issues of the day. Schultz was syndicated by Jones Radio Networks® in 2004 and so began his meteoric rise as one of the leading talk show hosts in the country.

Ed Schultz's personal political transformation began after his first date with his now-wife Wendy, shifting from conservative to a more progressive view of the world. He has bridged the aisle and sees himself as the voice of the average American.

Ed is a former All-American. He won the 1977 NCAA Division II passing championship and signed as a free agent with the Oakland Raiders. Ed is a pilot, an avid hunter and fisherman.

Ed came to the Midwest from Norfolk, Virginia. He and Wendy have six children. In common with many Americans, he feels the effects of the rising cost of tuition, health care and insurance. Ed attributes his common sense and head-on approach to the people and places of the heartland.

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